When it comes to wedding planning, the journey spans an entire emotional spectrum. Starting with screams of “I’m so excited!” and fast turning into “how am I going have time to do all of this?”, it can be a very daunting task. We know that people are busier than ever in our modern society, and wedding planners are in demand in order to save you time and worry.

We understand that every part of your wedding is an investment, and what better service to invest in than the removal of all the stressful parts of the process! Wedding planners act as your sanity – read on to find out why we think hiring a bespoke wedding planner has gone from a luxury to a necessity.

One: Wedding Planners Keep Things Stress-free From The Get-Go.

Wedding Planners

Planning a wedding is not only time-consuming, but highly stressful. We all dream of a romantic and dreamy run up to our wedding, but the wedding planning experience isn’t always this way. From initial enquiries through to bookings and management, there is a lot to handle regarding all aspects of the wedding.

Through hiring a wedding planner, you can reclaim a relaxed and enjoyable run-up to your dream day. Why not let us take on-board all the boring bits – the paperwork, supplier dealings, invoice chasing, paperwork signing – so that you can focus on the fun bits!

It’s easy to get lost in the Wed-min and a wedding planner will give you back valuable time that you can spend making important memories in the time leading up to your wedding day.

Two: A Wedding Planner Will Make Sure Every Part Of Your Dream Wedding Is Delivered.

Wedding Planners

It’s easy to forget when you’re planning your own wedding that the vendors you’re using are dealing with plenty of other brides too. When wedding planning, it’s normal to feel that your wedding is the only one in the world – after all, it’s one of the most important days of your life.

When you choose to hire a bespoke wedding planner such as Raspberry Bespoke Events, you can rest easy knowing that they will manage all vendors and suppliers for you to make sure no detail is overlooked, and no plan left unmade. From organising the initial contracts right through to on the day management, a wedding planner will ensure every single part of your dream wedding falls into place effortlessly.

Here at Raspberry Bespoke Events, we know more than most how important attention to detail is when delivering a dream wedding day. We’re not doubting your amazingly creative ideas and love for Pinterest boards – but we’re delivering beautifully bespoke events 24/7 that mean we notice tiny details that even the most flamboyantly creative mind might overlook.

From wedding invitation etiquette to making sure the right cutlery is on the table, a wedding planner will be perfectly versed in every step of the wedding journey and on the lookout for any error that might slip through the net.

Why worry about the small details when Raspberry Bespoke Events can do this for you – there’s a venue full of guests that want to spend time with you, so leave the straightening of table plans to us and enjoy dancing the night away.

Three: Wedding Planners Can Help You Co-Ordinate The Whole Day.

Wedding Planners

Whilst some venues offer an in-house planner, it’s important to remember that they will likely just be on duty to manage a specific part of your day – for example, the ceremony.

When you choose a popular wedding venue, it can become easy to feel like just ‘another bride’. Venues see so many brides and grooms coming through their doors that they can become desensitised to delivering that very special bespoke touch. By hiring a wedding planner, you can ensure that your wedding day is always treated as the unique and individual event that it is.

Here at Raspberry Bespoke Events, our wedding planners won’t just work for you, but with you – your big day becomes our big day too. Your dreams become ours, and it’s our job to make your ideas a reality. Bespoke wedding planners such as Jen at Raspberry Bespoke Events are not just there to make sure one small aspect of your day goes right, they are there to hold your hand through every part of the day. From the set-up, to the ceremony, and right through the reception to the end of the pack-down, Jen will co-ordinate your day with her expert knowledge and execution, leaving you free to enjoy your new husband and your guests.

Now you know why it’s more than just ‘on trend’ to hire a Wedding Planner to help with your big day. Leave your worries with us and watch your troubles melt away – we’ll deliver the wedding of your dreams, and all you’ll need to worry about is how long you can dance for in your beautiful shoes.

Contact Jen today to discuss how Raspberry Bespoke Events can help plan your magical wedding day. Call us: 07815 098338 or Email us: hello@www.raspberrybe.com – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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