A luxury wedding planner is a must when it comes to your wedding day, particularly if you know that you don’t have the time to manage all the aspects of your wedding day by yourself. Two big questions come with deciding to book a luxury wedding planner, and these are:

  • When should you book one?
  • How do you do it?

Let’s go through both options and hopefully, by the end of this article; you’ll know exactly what to do.


Honestly? You should book your luxury wedding planner as soon as you know you need one. You know your life, so you’ll know whether you have time to hunt down hanging florals from the best bespoke designers, and you’ll know whether you have the inclination to book the wedding band. If you’re engaged, your answer to “when” is right now – particularly as a luxury wedding planning service like Raspberry Bespoke Events can be booked up very quickly for the year ahead.

Who Are Raspberry Bespoke Events

If you’re in the market for a luxury wedding planner, you need to pay attention to the luxury tailored service that can be provided to you by the experts at Raspberry Bespoke Events. Whether you’re throwing a wedding on a grand scale or you want something intimate and yet opulent, Jennifer Holden is the expert founder that you need to speak to. All of the details of your wedding day are planned to perfection, with a calm finesse that you won’t find with any other planning service.

You want the wow-factor for your wedding day, and this is precisely what Jennifer creates. You can have your entire wedding day planned with Raspberry Bespoke Services, from the aesthetics of the venue to the entertainment at every turn.

The Social Highlight Of The Year

Finding a luxury wedding planner isn’t always easy, but Raspberry Bespoke Services make your day and the planning that goes into it a dream come true. They ensure that your dream venue is booked enough in advance to secure your vision, and they’ll advise on the very best in catering, music and wedding stationery. Raspberry Bespoke Events can even narrow down your wedding breakfast menu with you, informing of only the best for you and your guests.

An Investment In You

Your wedding day is all about you and your groom, and your investment in a luxury wedding planner is going to save your sanity. You can rest assured that all of the big and small details of your event are handled with care, with nothing leftover to bog you down and make you feel stressed or worried. Jennifer and her expert team are adept at ensuring that your wedding goes exactly the way that you planned.

How To Book

Along with everything else for your wedding day, Raspberry Bespoke Events can also handle the gifts and honeymoon arrangements. If you want to book a luxury wedding planner that has your day and your best interests in the centre of their creativity, then you need to book a consultation with Jennifer today on 01223 207745.