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Our Top 5 Personalised Luxury Wedding Design Ideas

No matter what your wedding mood board says, your luxury wedding planner can bring your ideas to life. Whether the ideas you have for your wedding day are small or over the top, the right luxury wedding planner will take great care in ensuring that your vision is what you get; you deserve the best on your wedding day. Giving your wedding a luxury makeover is the speciality of our luxury wedding planner, and if you want your wedding memories to be on point for the rest of your life, you need some of the best ideas around. Let’s take a look at the top 5 luxury wedding ideas for 2019. Read more

Unique Wedding Colour Palettes – Luxury Wedding Planner Jen Holden’s Top Tips

When it comes to planning your wedding your luxury wedding planner is going to talk you through your wedding colour palette. When you created your mood board, you would have started to piece together some colours from themes that you’ve envisioned for some time. Well, looking at the wedding colour trends for 2019 can help you on your way to choosing your wedding palette with ease. Read more

The Big Weddging Day

Luxury Wedding Design – Part IV – The Big Day

One of the most significant assumptions that couples make about their wedding day is that the vendors will take care of everything for them. They think that the caterer will organise everything, knowing where to go and where to be. They believe that the venue will know when to roll out that red carpet. Of course, some vendors do have different service levels, and these do vary, but the vendor will only care about their operation first – the rest comes later. Vendors are not luxury wedding planners, and it’s for this reason that you need to think about having a luxury wedding planner at your service for your wedding day. The last thing that you want on the biggest day of your life is to be organising others. You want to be able to enjoy your day from start to finish in the most stress-free way possible. Read more