Here at Raspberry Bespoke Events, we’re one of the top luxury party planners in London. Our parties are extravagant, spectacular, and planned down to the tiniest detail from start to finish. Our company is built on the mantra of daring to dream, and making the impossible possible. We know how to take any event and make it the most luxurious, high-end event out there, and we’re sure it’ll be one that is talked about for years to come.

We’ve put together a short blog to give you a taste of just a few of the elements that can be used to give your event that true wow factor. Read on to find our blog full of the best tips to give your event that extra special touch it needs to make a statement! Need some help? Please visit our contact page to speak to the top luxury party planners in London – we’d love to hear from you!

Michelin Star Catering
Catering is a critical part of every event as your guests need to be well fed! Most parties have food, but if you’re looking to really blow your guests away, you’ve got to take it next level. As luxury party planners in London, we know that if you really want to make jaws drop, you should improve your event with Michelin star catering from some of the top chefs around. London is, after all, the playground for every type of food imaginable and there are a world of possibilities available for the taste buds of your guests.

World Renowned Live Entertainment
As luxury party planners in London, we know that one of the key elements of any luxury party in London is the live entertainment. Guests need to have their breaths taken away, and what better way than with some amazingly memorable live entertainment. If you’re looking to make your luxury event the talk of the town and if you want to keep your guests engaged and ensure the night doesn’t die young, live entertainment from a world class act will really help tick all the boxes. Instead of opting for the conventional idea of hiring DJs, you should book some live entertainment from a well-renowned band. This almost takes your event and transforms it into a mini concert! The more famous the band, the better.

A Famous Venue
The venue can make or break your event, and it needs to be right out of the top drawer. As experienced luxury party planners in London, we know that the secret to a high-end event is finding a location people will be impressed by and will remember for years to come. Look for famous venues that are either full of history or packed full of contemporary style.

A memorable venue really will set the scene for your luxury party, and as luxury party planners in London, we know all the best places to really get the party started.

If you nail all three of these things, then your event will definitely come with a massive wow factor. These are the three vital things that most guests remember, so it’s crucial you get them right! If you’d love to hear more about our luxury party planning services, contact us today.