One of the first questions that any bride to be must ask herself when she gets engaged is whether she would consider hiring a wedding planner to come on board for her big day. A luxury wedding planner can assist with the entire planning process and overall design of your big day, and it all starts with perfecting a creative mood board.

What Is A Mood Board?

The mood board that you put together with your luxury wedding planner for your wedding day is going to act as a visual tool to help communicate your ideas for what you want. It’s not just a word cloud of things you want to encompass with your wedding day; it’s a mixture of fabrics, colour choices, pictures and text that will represent your day.

Why Do You & Your Wedding Planner Need One?

Some people don’t see the merit of a mood board for their wedding planning, but when you need a visual aid for the whole day, a mood board is the best thing you could use. Here are some of the best reasons why you need one:

  • You have a controlled way to build your wedding design story
  • You can express your wedding vision in a way that you all understand, which helps in your planning
  • It can be hard to express what you want. This way, you can show people exactly what you want!

How Your Mood Board Will Help

Your mood board is something that you can start before you bring a luxury wedding planner on board, but it’s going to provide you with answers to questions that you’ve not even answered yet. It can tell you your own style and colour choices and lay them out before you so that you can see if what’s in your head works on paper. A mood board brings clarity that you didn’t know you needed, and Jen at Raspberry Bespoke Events will then show you how to bring your initial ideas to life.

Why Ask A Luxury Wedding Planner To Help?

Choosing to have a luxury wedding planner to work with you takes a weight off your shoulders. Not only can you get an extra set of eyes on your mood board, helping you to collate and plan ideas, but you also get some expert help with all of your vision. A luxury wedding planner can turn your mood board ideas into your wedding reality because they have the knowledge and expertise in the industry to get you what you want. You can use your mood board to communicate with your luxury wedding planner what your styling wishes are, and you can bring it with you to the venues that you have your eye on to see whether your ideas fit the space.

A luxury wedding planner can save you time, money and stress when it comes to your wedding day. They make your wedding day, and all the of the organisation involved their priority, and this means that your mood board can come to life in front of your eyes. You wouldn’t try and fix your car yourself if you had no experience, so the best thing that you can do for your wedding day is to bring in the experts.