One of the most significant assumptions that couples make about their wedding day is that the vendors will take care of everything for them. They think that the caterer will organise everything, knowing where to go and where to be. They believe that the venue will know when to roll out that red carpet. Of course, some vendors do have different service levels, and these do vary, but the vendor will only care about their operation first – the rest comes later. Vendors are not luxury wedding planners, and it’s for this reason that you need to think about having a luxury wedding planner at your service for your wedding day. The last thing that you want on the biggest day of your life is to be organising others. You want to be able to enjoy your day from start to finish in the most stress-free way possible.

Your Luxury Style

There’s nothing worse than a wedding day mistake when you’re the bride. Dealing with emergencies and getting flustered does not a calm bride make, and a luxury wedding planner is the piece of the puzzle you need to ensure you get everything you ever dreamed for your day. They will calmly administer everything for you, and they do it without getting in the way or causing any fuss. Your wedding day is all about you, your style, your dream, and your luxury wedding planner is the key to that success. The attention to detail over your wedding day style and everything that is encompassed in your day to day timeline is all handled expertly. If you want to remember the people, the dancing, the luxurious food, and the live wedding band, you need a luxury wedding planner to manage it so that you’re not focusing on fifty other things!

What Does A Wedding Planner Do On Your Wedding Day?

On your big day, luxury wedding planners work tirelessly to ensure the whole day runs to plan. They’ll have backup plans and contingencies in place – just in case there is an issue. They’re experienced when it comes to thinking on their feet and making decisions that are in your best interest, and they’ll make sure that your suppliers know who you are so that any emergencies can be dealt with swiftly and calmly.

They’ll have a list of suppliers local and to hand just in case the original vendor that you hired cannot get to your venue on time. A luxury wedding planner will work to your schedule and keep the day as peaceful as possible. Not only will they ensure that everyone enjoys your wedding day – including you – they’ll be in five places at once with eyes on everything to ensure that your wedding day is oozing style and class.

The Emergency Kit

As well as everything else that a luxury wedding planner does, they’ll have an emergency kit to hand to be able to fix all problems, big or small that need fixing on your wedding day.
The right luxury wedding planner will ensure that your guests are blown away by the wedding style of your choice, your spectacular food choices, and stunning decor. They’ll do it all with grace, executing your wedding day flawlessly.