Upon choosing a luxury wedding planner to help you with your day, you’ll work with them on a mood board that will encompass the styling of your wedding to showcase how you envision it. A luxury wedding planner works very closely with you to progress the ideas across your mood board, from colours to textures, into real styling. Luxury wedding planners have a plethora of contacts under their belt, which means that regardless of your vision, they can help you to bring your wedding dreams to life.

How A Luxury Wedding Planner Uses Your Mood Board

You already know about what to include in your mood board, but did you know that there are two ways a mood board can help you and your luxury wedding planner?

  1. It’s a guide for you to refer back to where you can review your styling choices with your wedding planner as you go along, keeping you in check with your ideas.
  2. It’s also a great way to communicate your styling ideas to vendors as well as your wedding planner. This way, there’s no room for misinterpretation or error in planning.

When you and your luxury wedding planner are armed with your completed mood board, your styling ideas can be brought to life with the right vendors; it’s the perfect stepping stone to your ideal wedding day.

How Your Wedding Planner Can Help With Styling

If there is one thing a wedding planner knows, it’s suppliers. They will have a massive array of suppliers, from stationers for the perfect invitations, to florists for that beautiful bouquet. They’ll know photographers, chair cover suppliers, cake makers, DJs, venue coordinators – and the list goes on. Your mood board will be the guide you both need to find all of those vendors, allowing your wedding style to shine through and be a breath of life for your big day. Your luxury wedding planner will be able to shape your wedding day based on your style wishes, ensuring that there is a cohesive look and feel throughout the day. You want consistency on your wedding day, and your luxury wedding planner provides you with exactly that!

Can A Luxury Wedding Planner Help Me?

Choosing the help of a luxury wedding planner is the best choice that you could make for your wedding day. It should be the best day of your life, and it should unfold with as little stress as possible. You should be able to enjoy the day, basking in the love of everyone around you. Luxury wedding planners can make that happen with fewer hiccups than if you planned the day yourself. Your specific styling ideas can be adhered to, with careful planning and negotiation by your wedding planner and the rest of the team.

Tailor Your Day

Your wedding day is a memorable one, and when you choose to design your services, you should speak to a luxury wedding planner to get you started. From mood board conception to styling reality, your luxury wedding planner will have a big hand in your big day.