Now that you’re engaged, the time has come to start planning your wedding. But planning a wedding isn’t exactly a simple affair: you’ve got to book the venue, send out save the dated and invitations to guests, hire a photographer, talk to numerous caterers, and try to make sure that everything comes together seamlessly.

Getting married in London is a great idea, but if you have a luxury wedding planned, you want to get it right. That’s why many couples hire a luxury wedding planner to help them get the most out of their special day and ensure that their guests have a wonderful experience.

What follows are some of the benefits of hiring a luxury wedding planner in London.

#1: You Save Time

If you lead a busy life – either because of your work or family – then the last thing you want is to have to deal with all the planning that goes into hosting a luxury wedding. Wedding planners help to save you time, allowing you to gain time to complete those all-important jobs. .

#2: Helps Your Relationship With Your Spouse

Weddings are complicated affairs, it can be challenging to ensure that everything goes right. Sometimes couples find it stressful when planning their big day together due to the pressure and stress on wanting to make their event perfect- not something anyone would wish. If you are planning a luxury wedding, don’t risk those stressful times with your partner: hire a wedding planner to avoid any potential hiccups and smooth the way.

#3: Outsources Disaster Management

Should something go wrong on your wedding day:  for example, your magician has fallen ill on the day, the photographer is stuck in a traffic jam; great planners will sort them out for you without you even noticing so you can get on and enjoy yourself and make those lifelong memories with your loved ones.

#4: You Get Great Advice

Wedding planners know a thing or two about organising luxury weddings. And, therefore, they should be able to tell you if your plans make sense. Is the venue big enough for all your guests? Will certain professionals be available on your chosen date? Will your flowers match your wedding theme? They can answer all these questions and more.

#5: Planners Can Help You Get The Best Of The Best

Here at Raspberry Bespoke Events, we have links with all the best wedding vendors, allowing you to get good deals and great service. We know all of the best vendors in the industry and will ensure to connect you with only the very best. We can also direct you to the most suitable suppliers for your needs – especially useful if you have planned a luxury wedding. Planners know who is worth hiring, who is good at their job, and who will create the best impression for guests.

#6: You Get A Representative

Wedding planners aren’t just there to plan the wedding – they’re also there to act as your representative, including on the day itself. Rather than having to answer all vendor questions yourself, a wedding planner will do it for you, allowing you to enjoy and immerse yourself in marrying the person you love.