Valentine’s day is fast becoming one of the most significant events on the calendar. It’s a time when lovers put in a little extra effort to show each other just how much they care.

Valentine’s day is also the perfect time for a proposal – a special day on which to commit to the one you love with the proposal of marriage.  So how do you pop the question in a way that your partner will remember forever? Take a look at these perfect Valentine’s day proposal ideas, and how to plan them.

Create a Romantic Setting for Two

Can there be anything more romantic than a perfect little spot for two that has been carefully designed and curated to delight your loved one providing an experience they will never forget.  As experts in providing private dining experiences for clients, we know that a romantic dinner for two somewhere alone together can be all you need.  Adorn with flowers, pick a menu that means something to you both and sit back and just enjoy champagne together before popping the question. Romance personified.

Recreate Your First Date, But With A Little Added Extra

First dates are a special memory in the minds of those in long-term relationships. And so using the setting of a first date as the background for a proposal can be an especially romantic gesture – a symbol of where your relationship began and how far it’s come.

But, ideally, you don’t want it to be exactly like your first date – you want it to be unique. A London events planner can help you achieve this by booking out an entire room in a restaurant or making your trip to a local attraction extra special by providing a guide or VIP access. Whatever your first date was, you can take it to the next level with a little extra outside help.

Hide The Ring Somewhere Interesting

Finding an interesting way to hide the ring can provoke a genuine reaction of surprise and delight in your partner. It shows that you are a thoughtful person, and able to think creatively. You could hide a ring anywhere, but try to make sure that you are there when it is discovered. Also, put it in a location that has sentimental value to your partner, such as in their favourite place or inside an object that they love.

Our luxury event planners here at Raspberry Bespoke can help you plan the perfect proposal that’s certain to make them say yes. Contact us today to find out more about our event planning services in London.