Day-long weddings in London are hard enough to plan, but those that last the entire weekend are an entirely different animal, requiring extra effort to create a wow event successfully. Weekend weddings have some significant advantages, such as having more time to spend with guests who might live further afield. Ensure you hire a wedding planner for such events as the logistics and planning require much more of your time and energy should you decide to tackle the organisation yourself.

Events management companies in London such as Raspberry Bespoke Events, however, can provide a helping hand, taking away a lot of the stress of organising weekend-long celebrations, all the while boosting the fun for guests. Here are some of the ways they can help you plan your event.

Choose A Great Location

Location becomes more critical the longer the wedding celebration is.  The ideal venue should provide excellent sleeping accommodation for your guests, great food around the clock, and an exciting environment that your guests can explore. Events management professionals can help couples choose a venue that will fulfil all these criteria and more, providing you with all the information you need to make the best decision.

Get The Logistics Sorted Ahead Of Time

The logistical burden of weekend weddings is greater than weddings held over the course of a single day. There are more events to plan and venue spaces to transform. Events management experts can help you organise all of these elements for hundreds of luxury venues in London and beyond, taking away the worry and the hassle, and allowing you to focus on what matters – your partner, your family, your friends, and having a good time.

Arrange Suggested Itineraries

A weekend is a long time to keep people entertained. As a result, it’s helpful to hire an events planner to suggest places to visit and things to do outside of the wedding ceremony itself. Give your planner the details of the type of people who will be attending your big day and get them to come up with a list of local attractions and activities in London and beyond that will suit their needs. Guests will appreciate being able to have a little leisure time while they spend the weekend with you, helping them to enjoy the main event even more.

Help Providing Welcome Parcels

During the course of the weekend, your guests will undoubtedly need a range of products to see them through. Rather than leave this up to the venue – or have them rely on their own initiative – you could provide welcome baskets to guests with the help of an events management planner. Ask your wedding planner to prepare a parcel containing themed wedding accessories that your guests might need during their stays, such as umbrellas, soaps, shower gels, the itinerary, luxury snacks, and water.

Communicate With Guests About Dates

Weekend weddings usually require a long planning period to make sure that guests are free. An events manager can contact your guests on your behalf to find out which weekends are the most convenient without you having to spend hours on the phone.

Raspberry Bespoke Events are experts in the field of event management in London, so why not get in touch today for help planning your big weekend wedding.