Scented Memories: How To Make Your Wedding A Fragrant Affair

Ah, weddings. The most beautiful event one can plan in their lives. There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding from top to toe, and one of the things that you need to consider is the scent of your day. Believe it or not, it’s all about planning for the senses when you plan a wedding. You plan the bells at the church and the music at the reception meticulously for people to enjoy it. You plan a dress of the most beautiful silk and lace to feel like a princess on the biggest day of your life. You plan for a meal of many courses, appetizers and drinks that are kind on the palate and a cake – oh, the cake – that is both moist and light all at once. The decor is planned to be on point for your theme, with everything well-matched and looking beautifully arranged. All of these things treat the senses – but what about the nose?

A Fragrant Day

When it comes to the wedding of your dreams, you want to smell as good as you look. You also want your venue for both the reception and the ceremony to smell fantastic for your guests as they walk in. The scents that you choose to give your day some body and depth and are just as important as finding the right dress. So, how can you make your wedding a fragrant affair?

Scenting You

Almost every bride always has a signature scent that she uses for her day to day life, and one that she uses for her evenings out and special occasions. For the wedding, you’ll want something else. Something not too overpowering, but light and gentle that will trigger a wedding day memory every time you smell it. You’ll be transported when you smell those particular scents, and it is a very personal decision to make. A perfumery can help you to choose the scent for your big day.

Scenting The Venue

It’s not just about scenting you, but your venue, too. The one thing that you need for that are good flower arrangements. Flowers offer a natural scent to your venue, and if you want to enhance that, you need to think about adding a dry air diffuser box. You can also add scented candles to the entrance of your venue as well as bathrooms, and you can really dive in with floral displays on the tables of the wedding breakfast. Making your venue smell good is just as important as making you smell good.

Scent The Unexpected

Wedding invitations can be spritzed with the same scent of flowers that you plan to buy for your day. Camellias and gypsophila, for example, are gorgeous smells and can be made into a perfume purely for your invitation spray. Using the same flowers in dry petal form for your confetti is also a nice little touch.

Long after your wedding day, you’ll catch hints of the scents that meant the most to you to plan for the biggest day of your life.