Serena Saunders

Serena Saunders Managing Director Owner The Sheene Mill


Owning our own venue and seeing hundreds of weddings here every year, I knew we wanted something different for our own wedding day. I had visions of a glamorous décor, using soft golds and crystal, focusing on slightly alternative, yet traditional items, such as the much-needed table plan and guestbook. While I knew what we wanted, I struggled massively trying to source suppliers that could provide me with my ‘crazy’ ideas and more glamorous, yet classical décor. Then I met Jen!


Jen’s ideas were as crazy and as imaginative as mine, and together we were a force to be reckoned with (a force that slightly worried my husband to be, but we all got there together in the end)!


Jen helped me to find suppliers that could make me a ‘Blossom Tree Table Plan’, and a ‘Graffiti Painting Guestbook’, amongst many other things. She helped find them, constantly liaising and communicating with them to create exactly what we wanted and even went shopping herself to find the crystal I had in mind for my dessert tables. She helped me create the most beautiful table décor, sourcing subtle, but alternative linen, beautiful crystal glasses, alternative candle favours, beautifully designed menus and stationery for the tables as well as crystal and champagne gold candles galore. In the lead up to the wedding day, Jen was cool, calm and collected and gave me the support I needed throughout. The day before the wedding, she came along to help get the venue set up, she couldn’t have given any more if she’d tried. She was literally there from first thing that morning until later that night, by my side, helping with absolutely everything, whether it’d been organised via her or not.


There was a slight panic later that night when we realised my candles favours and name settings hadn’t arrived. Jen told me not to worry, made a few phone calls and physically drove into London at seven AM on the morning of our wedding to collect them. When I arrived at the venue ready to say ‘I do’ at 12pm the next day, I had never seen our ‘home’ look so beautiful, Everything was just as I had imagined: the tables looked beautiful, my sweet and dessert tables were something from another world, and all of the suppliers, from the ice sculpture champagne bar to the blossom tree designer, had gone above and beyond to ensure that everything tied in exactly as it should. I invited Jen to join in with the party from seven PM that evening, she came and found me at nine PM, slightly less glamorous than usual, having worked in the background all day, to ensure everything was ‘just right’ and it was just that! I hadn’t expected all the time that she gave and all that she had personally provided to ensure we had everything we wanted, so when she said she needed to get to bed, I didn’t blame her at all! I can’t thank Jen enough for her help and support on one of the biggest days of our lives and for her constant time and energy in the lead up to the day. It already feels strange not to be communicating with her every day.


Jen made my crazy décor dreams a reality, and went well above the expected to help us create the most amazing day of our lives. Everyone cannot stop going on about how amazing everything looked. Thank you, Jen, for absolutely everything. I would happily recommend you to any single one of my brides getting married at The Sheene Mill.