The Luxury Wedding: Private Home Edition

Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Whether you want to host a decadent celebration for hundreds of guests or a small-scale, intimate soiree, the right venue will ensure you remember your big day for all the right reasons.

With members’ clubs, hotels and outdoor venues to choose from, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to selecting your wedding location. In this instalment, however, we’re lifting the lid on private home wedding venues. Offering unparalleled luxury and picturesque settings, private home wedding venues can be an ideal place to host your wedding.

What is a private home wedding venue?

A private home wedding venue is simply a privately-owned residence which accepts a selection of commercial bookings throughout the year. Whilst these locations may be used as a family seat for part of the year, they’re a popular choice for weddings of all sizes. 

Of course, the term ‘private home’, doesn’t necessarily represent the decadence, glamour or sophistication these venues offer. From listed homes, manor houses and entire country estates, a private home wedding venue is a match for any other wedding location.

Furthermore, when you choose to hire a private home for your wedding celebrations, you can typically arrange to have exclusive use of the premises. From large manor houses to more intimate country residences, you can select a venue which can comfortably accommodate all of your guests. 

Indeed, some private homes are situated on vast estates and actually offer exclusive use of a number of luxurious buildings. With enough space to offer a house to the bride and groom’s parents, as well as the bridal party and groomsmen, you can ensure that everyone has access palatial suites and bespoke rooms when you choose a private home as your wedding venue.

Booking your private home wedding venue

If you think a private home could be the ultimate choice for your wedding venue, it’s important to act quickly. Many private homes offer limited bookings throughout the year, so it’s not always easy to secure your date. Indeed, the most coveted of wedding venues may only make their residences available for weddings three or four times each year, so there is plenty of competition when it comes to organising your wedding in a private home.

When you work with a luxury wedding planner, however, you can secure access to private homes and estates with ease. With extensive connections throughout the industry, your luxury wedding planner is well-placed to ensure you can host your wedding in your venue of choice. 

In addition to this, working with a luxury wedding planner gives you the opportunity to enjoy the planning process. Instead of dealing with the stresses and strains that arise throughout the wedding preparation, you can simply relax and look forward to your big day. 

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