If you are planning to propose to your loved one this year, this is the blog for you. You can find lots of different ideas and inspirations by searching online, but there are some tips and tricks in this article that should help to point you in the right direction and ensure your special someone is blown away by your efforts.
Just take a moment to consider some of the suggestions below, and then work out how you plan to propose and create the best impact. Depending on your partner and their personality, you might want to make the proposal a public or private affair.

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Choosing the right setting:

Before you do anything else, it’s vital that you select the right setting for your proposal to take place. Famously, lots of people decide to get down on one knee in the most scenic place they can find. Maybe you’d consider hiring a private jet and proposing in the sky? Perhaps you could rent a romantic island in the Maldives and pop the question over a glass of the finest champagne?  Use your imagination! And always think about the reaction you will get from your soon-to-be husband or wife-to-be. The goal is to make them feel like the most treasured person in the world for those few moments.

Making the proposal special:

Sometimes you have to do some groundwork if you want to make the proposal as special as possible. That could mean taking your partner out to see a theatre show or something similar before you get down on one knee. You could even book a romantic weekend away at a luxury location like Paris. There is often nothing better for getting people in the right mood for a proposal. If you struggle for ideas, maybe you could get in touch with a wedding planner ahead of time and ask them for some inspiration? You’re going to employ their services in a couple of months for your luxury wedding. So, asking them for advice now is an excellent move because you’ll benefit from their expertise.
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Picking a beautiful ring:

The ring you offer your partner has to look stunning and leave them feeling weak at the knees. Some people might want to use a family heirloom, maybe your mother or father wishes to donate something with deep sentimental meaning that’s been in the family for years? There are plenty of bespoke jewelers out there who can create anything you like based on your ideas and your partner’s passions if you want to get something unique. Your wedding planner is always the first port of call if you need advice on things like that, and they’ll often have a range of recommendations for the best places to contact regardless of how extravagant or luxurious you might want the ring to be.
We hope you’ve enjoyed our hints and tips on planning the perfect proposal. The only limits to your proposal are your imagination, so it’s time to think big! If you’d like any help or guidance in arranging your perfect proposal, you can call us on 01223 207745 to discuss how we can help you make it the most memorable moment of your lives. After all, anything is possible when you’re in love.