Winter is a divine season to get married, with all kinds of spectacular themes and trends on offer. If you’re planning to organise a winter wedding, and you’re searching for inspiration, here are some of our top seasonal trends and some tips to help you use them to full effect at your wedding.

Winter Wonderland

There’s nothing more romantic than a winter wedding when snow is falling, and meadows, forests, and parks are covered in a blanket of frost. We can’t always guarantee snow, but by hiring a luxury wedding planner, you can ensure that your vision becomes a reality. If you dream of floating down an aisle adorned with snow-dipped foliage and twinkling lights, and dining on tables decorated with candelabra draped in crystals, a winter wonderland theme is ideal. Opt for crisp tones of white for a chic look and add touches of silver and icy blue if you’re keen to add colour. The winter wonderland theme is ideal for venues with outdoor space, but it can also be recreated indoors using lanterns, evergreen displays, candlelight and many more options. With this trend, there’s scope to go all-out and create a magical, enchanted aesthetic that your guests will talk about for years to come.

All in White

When you think about winter, the colour white springs to mind immediately. Many brides opt for shades of white when choosing flowers and of course, their bridal gown, but have you ever thought about hosting a themed wedding where everything is white? This is an incredibly chic style statement, which works perfectly for almost every venue. From sprawling country estates and castles to opulent city-centre hotels, an all in white theme is ideal for the chilly winter months. If you have a spectacular vision of white dresses, pristine tablecloths and scintillating floral arrangements that will blow your guests away, we can help you turn your ideas into reality. With this theme, the world is your oyster, and you can opt for as many accessories, decorative touches and unique additions as you wish.

Opulent Reds

Another firm favourite is the opulence of the deep tonal palette that is red.  Adorning your reception with candlelight, the finest of roses and berries will ensure a look of opulence, warmth and romance. Add in a reception of champagne and hot chocolate and your guests will be utterly wowed!  This is a firm favourite for those brides who love pure old-fashioned romance with a modern twist!