Turning Traditional Wedding Roles Upside Down in 2019: Groomsgirls, Bridesmen and Best Women

Your wedding day gives you the opportunity to celebrate your love however you choose, so why not make it as unique and personal as you? Traditional roles are no longer set in stone and there is plenty of scope for adding a contemporary twist to conventional time-honoured customs. 

In 2019, it’s time to rip up the playbook and create a bespoke wedding day to suit you and your partner. 

Today’s families and friendship groups no longer fit the outdated nuclear stereotype, so why should your wedding? From Bridesmen to Groomsgirls and Best Women to Men of Honour, you can include your loved ones in your big day in any way you choose. 

Planning your wedding party

Traditional wedding party roles include a Maid of Honour, who is effectively the head bridesmaid, any number of bridesmaids, flower girls, as well as a Best Man to support the Groom, along with ushers and page boys. 

However, your luxury wedding planner can help you modernise these monikers and ensure your wedding party reflects you and your guests. If you’re a bride with a male best friend, for example, don’t feel compelled to choose a female alternative, just so you can have a ‘Maid of Honour’. Celebrate with your nearest and dearest and invite them to your ‘Man of Honour’ instead.

Similarly, flower boys can scatter petals as well as flower girls, whilst ladies can direct guests to their seats as easily as their male counterparts! If you’re unsure how to incorporate your loved ones into your ceremony, let your luxury wedding planner give you inspiration. 

Out with the old, in with the new

First and foremost, your wedding is about celebrating your love for your partner. However, it’s also a time to enjoy the bond you’re cementing between your respective friends and families. If old-time traditions don’t help you to honour these bonds, then it’s time to find something that works for you. 

Whilst switching pronouns can be ideal if you’re having a Best Woman instead of a Best Man or a Man of Honour instead of a Maid of Honour, you might decide that these roles aren’t as inclusive as you’d like. 

If you want to incorporate non-binary roles into your big day, ‘Person of Honour’, ‘groomsfriend’, and ‘bridesfriend’ work just as well. Indeed, many people are ditching the titles altogether and simply opting to use an individual’s chosen name instead. Similarly, you might choose to label the wedding party collectively, rather than assign individual titles to participants. 

Ask guests to join the ‘Bride’s Besties’ or the ‘Groom’s Gang’ if you want something gender-neutral and non-specific. Of course, there is plenty of scope to name our wedding party something personal. If you want to find an inclusive yet intimate term for your party, your luxury wedding planner will be able to provide you with endless suggestions. 

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