When it comes to planning your wedding your luxury wedding planner is going to talk you through your wedding colour palette. When you created your mood board, you would have started to piece together some colours from themes that you’ve envisioned for some time. Well, looking at the wedding colour trends for 2019 can help you on your way to choosing your wedding palette with ease.

The 60-30-10 Rule

When you choose your wedding colours, think about the colour rule. It should always have three or more colours for your wedding day, with the visuals being balanced at 60% of your main wedding colour. Then, you move into 30% of the design the secondary wedding colour, with the remaining 10% of the final accent colours. So, for example, a wedding that wants a blue theme could have 60% pale blue, 30% navy blue and then 10% silver accents to fit the metallic colour trend for 2019.

Seasonal Colour Palettes For 2019

2019 is the year that luxury wedding planners are expecting to see some old hat colours with some popular trends. Think about the blush pink wedding colour, a favourite for bridesmaid dresses and flowers. When you mix up blush as a primary colour with accents of bronze and gold, you encompass the popular metallic theme for this year, with the gold and bronze softening the blush and enhancing its femininity. Below, we’ve put together some stunning colour palettes to help you envision that high-end, luxurious colour palette you’ve always dreamed about.

Your Spring 2019 Wedding

Back in 2018, earthy wedding colours were all the rage. The implementation of nature in the wedding day was so widespread, all luxury wedding planners knew someone who could create the perfect florals for the big day. In 2019, we want to bring some of that into this year’s favoured themes, with trendy metallics to work right alongside. So, blush, wisteria and peony would work as those delicate main wedding colours. Then, add gold to complement the pale colour and the vibrancy of emerald – giving your wedding day strong a pop of bold colour to really set off your Spring event. The best bit? Each of these colours can be entirely incorporated into your bouquet and your centrepieces.

Your Summer 2019 Wedding

As we move into summer, bright is beautiful. Bright colours like violet, vibrant purples, shocking emerald or crisp deep blue tie together as your first two colours. Adding pale colours as accents, such as soft yellows and muted grey can really set off your colour palette.

Your Autumn 2019 Wedding

Autumn weddings have always encompassed earthier, deeper tones and 2019 is no different. The most significant trend this year, though, is that with your soft brown latte colours and deep burgundy, copper and metallic rose gold can set off the entire palette. Your luxury wedding coordinator will help you to pair your colours easily, creating a smooth look for your wedding day.

Your Winter 2019 Wedding

Winter is famous for blue and white but think about deep claret and sharp red colours. When accented with silver, you create a balance that also sits well with pale greys. You get both a neutral palette that embodies the bold, too.