Your wedding day is supposed to be as luxurious as possible, with great aesthetics that your guests will talk about for years. One of the ways you can make your wedding day a beautiful event is through the use of wedding flowers. When you speak to your luxury wedding planner, they’ll be able to talk you through how your wedding flowers can transform your day.

Bouquets To Boutonnieres

Depending on how many weddings you’ve been to, you’ll see purely from putting together your wedding mood board with your luxury wedding planner how much flowers can be found at a wedding. From the bridal bouquets to the groomsmen and their boutonnieres, the flowers don’t end there. Church decorations, table arrangements, even the petals that the little flower girls scatter during the ceremony – flowers appear everywhere at a wedding. They’re a crucial component of the day for many reasons, including:

  • The addition of colour to bring your wedding to life
  • The addition of texture to make your wedding reception look beautiful
  • The setting of the mood for the entire day

Flowers are alive, and they make people feel a range of emotions when they look at them. The luxury flower trends for 2019 should then encourage you to include as many different flowers as possible in your wedding day. Using flowers at your wedding is a must if you want to convey elegance, luxury, and class, and as they’re used as a form of expression, you can take the guests’ breath away with your floral designs. High impact floral design is a must for your wedding day, and if you want to create a phenomenal atmosphere for your wedding, you need to take a look at some of the intense design trends gracing 2019.

Hanging Florals

Crystal chandeliers in the home always make an impression on people, so picture one of those – except with luxurious florals draped from the ceilings. Hanging florals make for an incredible design piece, and you can use hoops to suspend your flower arrangements above tables or in the ceremony area.

Rustic Florals

Lots of people choose to have weddings outdoors, but those who can’t will love this year’s trend of bringing the outside in. Picture your venue draped in dense foliage, all of which is tailored to your wedding style. You could choose wildflowers and climbing ivy, large woodland themed bushes, exotic blooms, and earthy tones. The choice is yours, and the options for colour and textures are endless.

Go Brighter & Deeper

Flowers can be breath-taking depending on where you are in the world, but for your wedding day, there is no limit on colour for you. Whatever your colour theme, some flowers will match and going intense with your flower choices will only serve to bring out the beauty of your big day.

2019 Colour Choice: Purple

Your luxury wedding coordinator will tell you that in the wedding world, the colour of choice is purple. Some shades range from the softest lavenders to the more intense dahlias, and purple is a timeless classic that pairs with almost any wedding theme.

Floral Hoops

The diversity in which you can find luxury in floral hoops is enormous. You can hang them from the ceiling above wedding tables as an inverted centrepiece, or you can use them in place of bouquets down the aisle – the choice is yours.