Wedding Vows: Our Luxury Wedding Planner Shares Her Top Tips

If your wedding ceremony were a performance, then the wedding vows would be the crescendo. This is the part that everyone is looking forward to, it’s the moment where you declare your undying love for one another. If you’re planning on writing your own wedding vows, then you’re most likely feeling a bit nervous. What if you mess things up? Don’t worry, our luxury wedding planner has a few tips that will ensure everything goes perfectly!

Write the vows on a scroll

It’s never a good idea to try and memorise your wedding vows off by heart. This puts more stress on you and increases the chances of missing things out or messing things up. Instead, write your notes down on a piece of paper that you can bring out when required. For that added touch of class, our luxury wedding planner suggests putting the vows on a delicate scroll. It helps compliment your luxury wedding, and you can also frame the scrolls later on and hang them in your home. 

Leave out any jokes

You may be tempted into adding a few little jokes or jibes to your wedding vows. You want to entertain your guests and get a few laughs, but this is not the time. Save the jokes for the speeches at your reception! Your wedding vows should be serious; they’re effectively a declaration of your love. Make your fiance the focus of them; talk about how you’ll always be there for them and how you love them more than anything. 

Make promises to one another

Traditional wedding vows are all about making promises to one another. You promise to stay by each other’s side through sickness and in health until death does you part. So, if you compose your own wedding vows, our luxury wedding planner suggests adding in at least three promises. Make sure they’re promises you can keep, this is a great way of showing your love for your fiance, and showing everyone in the ceremony that you’re serious about getting married. If no promises are made, then it doesn’t really feel like you’ve said any wedding vows at all. 

Practice makes perfect

Always practice your vows in the lead up to your big day. When you work with our luxury wedding planner, we ensure that you have plenty of time to practice your vows at the wedding venue. That’s the key thing here; practising at home may help, but it’s better when you’re in the exact place where the vows will be uttered. It gets you used to the setting, and you can imagine all the guests sitting there listening. You also get used to reading from the scroll, so your vows will flow better when the big moment comes. 

When everything is planned correctly, your wedding vows can make your wedding extra special. The beauty of creating your own vows is that you add something unique to your big day. Use the tips above to compose the most amazing wedding vows possible. If you need any extra help planning the vows – or the rest of your wedding – then feel free to contact our luxury wedding planner today.