Weekend Weddings: Let’s Celebrate In Style

Weekend weddings are the ultimate way to celebrate your nuptials. Why restrict yourself to just one day when it comes to commemorating your big day? With weekend weddings to suit every couple, now is the perfect time to extend your wedding celebrations and enjoy every minute. 

Weddings can take months or years to plan, but then be over in a flash. With so much effort going into making your big day perfect, it makes sense to make the most of your wedding celebrations. A luxury wedding planner can help you to organise the ultimate weekend wedding, so you can sit back and relax whilst your wedding weekend comes together.

Planning a weekend wedding

Exclusive-use venues are the ideal option for weekend weddings. Many offer a range of bespoke rooms and suites, which means your guests can reside in luxury throughout their time with you. Furthermore, many exclusive-use venues have a range of facilities and amenities on site. From award-winning spas and in-house salons to golf courses, tennis courts and cricket pitches, there will be plenty to keep your guests entertained. 

Whilst choosing the right venue is important for any wedding, it’s integral to the success of a weekend wedding. If you want to extend your wedding celebrations to an entire weekend, for example, you’ll need to ensure your guests have access to amenities and entertainment. 

You may want to host a rehearsal dinner or a welcoming banquet on the evening before the ceremony, for example. This will ensure that guests have a chance to get to know one another before the big day and gives you time to greet everyone as they arrive. 

In addition, you may be keen to organise something special on the day after the wedding itself. This will give you the opportunity to spend quality time with your guests, which can be hard to do if you restrict your wedding to just one day. 

Choosing a venue for your weekend wedding

When you’re planning a single-day event, you’ll need to consider transport arrangements and travelling distances. If you’ve found a venue you love but it’s a four-hour drive for the majority of your guests, you may be concerned about expecting them to travel such a distance for a matter of hours.

When you choose to have a weekend wedding, however, you gain greater freedom when it comes to selecting the perfect venue. Whether your wedding is going to stretch over two, three or even four days, guests will be more willing to travel for a weekend getaway. 

Furthermore, a weekend wedding gives your guests the opportunity to relax and unwind as well. Whilst the happy couple will have the opportunity to really enjoy the day and take in every moment, your guests will be equally satisfied with the chance to relax in luxurious surroundings, explore somewhere new and celebrate with you. 

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